Swiss Stem Cell Bank

Swiss Stem Cell Bank (SSCB) is a modern biobank, particularly focused on cryopreservation services of umbilical cord, adipose tissue and other bio materials. SSCB was founded in 2005 as a spin out of Cardiocentro Ticino and is today ranked by size among the first six cryopreservation facilities in Europe and it’s certainly the market leader among private cord blood bank in Switzerland and Italy. SSCB banking activity is performed under the strict supervision of Swissmedic, the swiss federal agency for the authorization and supervision of quality and safety of therapeutic products and in 2012 was awarded by the prestigious FACT-NetCord accreditation an international quality aknowledgment that certifies SSCB reliability and safety in stem cell processing, and which ranks SSCB among the 5 top quality private banks worldwide.

SSCB success story is actually the result of a unique strategy and corporate phylosophy. SSCB strives to create in the Lugano region a top level structure in terms of technology, quality  and safety standards serving at the same time as a cryo preservation facility and as an international knowledge and coordination center for patients, investors and healthcare managers interested in new the new frontiers opened by regenerative medicine and cell therapies. SSCB it’s therefore not just a mere business unit but state-of-the-art competence centre employing physicians, biologists and researchers.

SSCB strongly believes that proximity with other institutes operating in the Regenerative Medicine field is a great opportunity to build new synergies, common projects and to generate growth for the whole sector. Therefore, SSCB moved at SIRM its offices and its laboratories in 2013.

Group Leader:

Veronica Albertini, PhD


Anna Tortora, MSc

Enrico Folador, BSc

Sara Spalvieri, MSc