The Laboratory of integrated biomedical systems (LSIB)  is part of the institute of Applied System and Electronics (ISEA) and the Innovative Technologies Department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).  The lab concentrates its own applied research and technology transfer activities on the development of biomedical, miniautorized high-precision systems in the fields of regenerative medicine and tissue engeneering and on the area of clinical medicine and bio enegeneering, with particular interests in cardiovascular medicine.

SUPSI LSIB Lab, is hosted since 2013 at SIRM, where its growing research staff shares facilities, equipment and energies with other different but complimentary institutes, many of which are currently research partners of the Lab.

Group Leader:

Igor Stefanini, PhD


Feng Huang, PhD

Daniele Nicolis, MSc

Roberto Gardenghi, MSc

Roberto Robortella, MSc

Agatino Christian Tavilla, MSc


Andrea Sofia, BSc

Annamaria Mancuso, MSc

Andrea Raso, PhD Student