Regenerative medicine: here and now

Even though the majority of people perceive regenerative medicine as something of the future, it is actually here and now. A significant number of regenerative medicine products are already commercially and clinically successful. In addition to over 60,000 stem cell transplants annually performed worldwide for the treatment of oncology and blood-based disorders. In 2012 160,000 patients were treated using new, experimental regenerative medicine drugs and it is widely believed that these numbers are easily doubled when including non-cell-based regenerative medicine products such as scaffolds and other materials.

At the same time, more products are being approved and new data are becoming available from mid-stage and late-stage regenerative medicine clinical trials. Going forward, the industry expects to see multiple approvals annually.

Analysts suggest there are at least 2,500 ongoing regenerative medicine clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients for a myriad of clinical indications.


source:; Last updated July 17, 2015